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Stop dealing with symptoms and get to the root cause of your issues. Address them naturally by detoxing liver pathways, focusing on nutrition, lifestyle, and clearing trauma and stress. When we work on the body as a whole, we are most successful in creating change!



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Welcome to Trifecta Collective… Finding the Root with Megan and Shannon… The Podcast. 

Where we dive deep into understanding and addressing root causes of chronic health issues, so you can find healing, inside and out, now, and forever. 

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Hi, I’m Megan! I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. I work with people who have chronic issues including, but certainly not limited to, gut issues/overgrowths, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune issues, hormonal imbalances, cortisol dysregulation, fatigue, sleep issues, histamine issues, and inflammation/pain to figure out their individual root cause. By identifying someone’s root causes we can then start to support someone’s body from a foundational level of nutrition, lifestyle, stress management/nervous system regulation, movement, and specific protocols to help their body get into a place to be able to heal itself to sleep soundly, be able to eat a variety of foods without issues, feel energized throughout the day, and live a life no longer determined by their symptoms. 

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When I met Megan during the summer of 2022, I was in need of help after going to my PCP for an infection I had that would not go away. I'm sure the humidity probably played a role in it, however I needed relief. I had issues swallowing, had digestive problems and sleep issues. She was very knowledgeable with my blood analysis which showed the infection but my PCP stated that my bloodwork was "fine". Megan quickly suggested a detox regimen. This is when I started my healing journey. I appreciate Megan's patience with me when it comes to the introduction of taking new supplements. At this point of my healing journey, I am feeling much better as my thinking (brain fog) has become more clear and I have more energy. The reiki sessions are amazing as well. During one of the sessions, when I had a respiratory illness, Megan worked on my chest area and noticed I healed more rapidly than usual which was a huge relief. I appreciate her assistance very much and enjoy my check-ins with her. Thanks Megan!!”





I had issues swallowing, digestive problems, and sleep issues.  Megan was very knowledgeable with my blood analysis which showed the infection, but my PCP stated that my bloodwork was "fine." Megan quickly suggested a detox regimen. That is when I started my healing journey. 


Megan was a light in dark times.  She listened, studied my bloodwork, and recommended a series of changes.  She's easy to talk to, patient, and someone I will work with again.  


I've struggled the last 5 years with agonizing hormone problems.  I tried everything; doctors, prescriptioons, oils, acupuncture, and nothing helped.  After only 4 weeks of working with Megan, my symptoms are practically nonexistent.  

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